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The Lylas and Josh Duhamel lead hundreds of runners in the PUMA Relief Run For The Philippines

Josh Duhamel was also on hand at the event which took place on the Santa Monica Beach. The goal was to raise awareness and funds for This Time Foundation and the Apl.De Ap foundation, who will distribute the funds raised to help the families in need, millions of whom have been left homeles and suffered terrible losses in the wake of the aftermath left behind by Typhoon Haiyan.

Actor David Joyner acted as MC for the event and got the crowd ready for fitness instructor Charlene Ciardiello who led the crowd in a fun 10 minute warm up which showed The Lylas front and center dancing and having a great time, for a terrific cause.

Sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Mulberry Love and FATBURGER where on hand to provide gifts, games and complimentary refreshments to all the runners. The hundreds of runners ran the 2K run up a stretch of beach to the Santa Monica Pier and back in the 74 degree heat. The event was created by the founders of This Time Foundation Kelsey Howard, Marcia Caldirola, with the help of Dr. Rob Armonic, John Pacheco and the PeakPRgroup.

The Lylas can also be seen every Friday night on WE TV.

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