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Charlene Ciardiello, known to most as "CC", in addition to being a "cool chick", is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.


CC is admired for her unique approach to personal fitness.  She believes in a direct approach of tackling inner and outer obstacles head on while bringing excitement and humor to the challenge.


CC has over a decade of experience & has trained with NYC'S top fitness experts before branching out to LA. CC's clientele have ranged from pre/post natal clients to early developing athletes looking to correct muscle imbalances.


CC's personal goal is to inspire her clients to break from plateaus, take risks and face their fears.

CC's motto " Shut up & Move" stems from her own journey of introspection, motivation, and change.

"If it doesn't challenge you,

it doesn't change you"

- Fred Devito

East Coast Sweetheart Brings A Fierce Passion To West Coast Fitness

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