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I worked with CC for 6 months, and the progress we made was incredible. I started working out with her when I was at my heaviest of 315, and 6 months later I was the lightest I had been in years 250. 


It shouldn’t be a surprise that working with Cc was  effective, her system works amazingly well. But her system didn’t just make me get in shape and lose the weight alone, it enabled me to change and work with the system for the betterment of myself. 


Even after we stopped working together, I was able to lose more weight and reach 240. And I’ve been able to keep it off, without her help I don’t think I would have been able to do it.


- DJ VanderZwan

CC is passionate about her work and if you follow her program you will see results. She made me understand the benefits of losing weight the natural way.


When I was on her program I toned up in places I thought couldn't be fixed without surgery. I also grew muscle and lifted weights I never thought I could. She showed me it's possible with hard work and dedication.

CC, you will always have a place in my heart for you've made an impact in my life in a positive way.

- Cecelia Castellon

CiCi is very patient, and she only goes at your speed.which is good.and she will not let you move on until you have nailed down a solid foundation.

CiCi does a great job of mixing up the routines in order to keep them interesting.Over our time together, CiCi has helped  me create a solid foundation where i can work on my fundamentals, stretch, and feel good about myself. 

I came in with lower back pain ... but by working on my core consistently, and by working on flexibility,  I have no back pain whatsoever thanks to CiCi!


Also, it is nice to see the hard work pay off out of the gym as well.  Now, on the golf course, I can hit the ball further and with much more ease!

- Mike Goodman

I have been working with CC for about 6 weeks and have seen amazing results in that short time!  I am not only 15 lbs lighter, I have more energy and finally feel I have control over my eating. 


CC is passionate about your health and it shows thru her energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session.  She not only makes every work out challenging, she is genuinely concerned about my personal physical limitations and how to get the best work out in spite of them. 


She also places a high value on my diet and nutrition, taking to consideration my busy lifestyle.  She has coached me on not only eating right, but how to shop to make it easy for me to eat right.

I am looking forward to more weight loss, incredible energy, better balance and flexibilty and some great new muscles in the coming months!  With CC's help and guidance, I am confident I can obtain my goals.

- Tricia Wood

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